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David Beckham Browse our selection of official David Beckham football shirts. David Beckham is probably the most famous footballer the world has ever seen being just as famous and popular off the park as he is on it.

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David Robert Joseph Beckham (born 2 May ),is an English footballer who currently plays in midfield for American Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team.
The Evening Standard The baker is the baseball caps and trilbies among the hats of choice. David Beckham The hat Kate Moss, David Beckham and Bella Hadid have fallen for. 1/5.
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About David Beckham Autographed Memorabilia & Collectibles English soccer star David Beckham is undoubtedly one of the most popular players to ever take the field. No matter what team he was playing for, the London born icon was making an impact both on and off the field.
The Evening Standard The baker is the baseball caps and trilbies among the hats of choice. David Beckham The hat Kate Moss, David Beckham and Bella Hadid have fallen for. 1/5.
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To dress like David Beckham a man will need to dress a little preppy and sporty. David models and has a lean muscular figure, thanks to all the time spent on the soccer field. Dressing like David Beckham can be done by reading these six short steps below. Dress like David Beckham by sporting some hats. David is almost always seen wearing a knit hat. David will also wear ball caps, but generally will be seen wearing a black or gray knit cap or hat. Dress like David Beckham by wearing a hoodie jacket.

David will often be seen wearing a zip up hoodie jacket or a pull over hoodie. Beckham's maternal grandfather was Jewish, and David has mentioned the religion as an influence; he wears a tattoo written in Hebrew from the 'Song of Songs' in the Hebrew Bible Old Testament , albeit he is not known to practice Judaism or any other faith. Beckham has always played in long sleeve shirts to cover up his tattoos in consideration of others who may feel uncomfortable due to their beliefs.

He was brought up by his parents, supporters of Manchester United, attended Bobby Charlton 's football school in Manchester, and won a spot in a training session at FC Barcelona as a child.

From - Beckham made almost appearances for Manchester United and scored 85 goals, although his official record counts only 62 goals in official senior team's matches. He received a red card for violent conduct in England's match against Argentina, albeit his opponent later admitted to trying to send Beckham off by over-reacting to their contact during the game and by urging the referee to send Beckham off. After losing the game England was eliminated, Beckham was made a scapegoat and became the target of criticism and abuse in media.

He had a good season in - and helped Manchester United to win the Premier League. At that time, he married singer Victoria Beckham nee' Adams from the popular musical group The Spice Girls, and the couple had their first son, Brooklyn, born in That same year, Beckham was given a permission to miss training routine, in order to look after his son Brooklyn, who suffered from a stomach infection.

Ferguson's claim that Beckham should be able to train if his wife stayed home that day, caused a serious personal tension between two men.

In February , following the defeat to Arsenal, the Manchester United's manager Alex Ferguson entered the changing room and kicked a football boot that struck Beckham over the eye, causing a cut that required stitches.

David Beckham has been a good scorer and a major attraction for public. On the field he has been demonstrating his consistent ability to see a big picture even under severe pressure during the most rapidly changing and unpredictable games. His field vision has been remarkable, allowing him to create many assists in a number of important matches. Beckham's forte has been his delivery from the right-hand side as well as his efficient free kicks.

His superior performances in the midfield position has required a higher physical endurance through the entire game. He signed a four-year contract with Real Madrid, beginning on July 1, , and worth a potential 40 million dollars. In Madrid, Beckham was not allowed to wear his favorite number seven, because another player had the right to wear it written into his contract.

Beckham decided to wear the number 23 instead, being a big fan of Michael Jordan. He immediately became popular with the Real Madrid fans, but the team did not perform well enough to win either the Spanish League or the Champions League. However, Beckham remained a reliable scorer and his performances attracted more public. His shirts sales and other merchandising deals remained lucrative for the club, which continued to under-perform, regardless of the Real's management's higher expectations.

He was also involved in promoting London's successful bid for the Olympic Games. His third season in Madrid was unremarkable, and he was criticized a lot, mainly because the team finished second to Barcelona in Spanish "La Liga" and lost to Arsenal in the European Champions League.

However, during that season, he expanded his international presence by establishing football academies in Los Angeles and East London. In the quarter final game against Portugal, Beckham was replaced because of his injury in the middle of the game. Without him the English team lost and was knocked out of the World Cup. In June Beckham played his final game for Real Madrid, winning a medal and celebrating with his friends Tom and Katie Cruse, who attended the game.

This was his fourth, and last season there, ending his contract with the club. He announced that he had signed a five-year contract to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy from July 1, through June In , in a unique time share agreement David played on loan at AC Milan to maintain his fitness after ending the season with the Galaxy.

He ended up staying with Milan for five months, from January to May In , he also arranged to embark on a second loan spell at AC Milan from the Galaxy, to play for Milan for another five months.

He said that he "genuinely enjoyed playing for Milan. At that time, Beckham was invited to play for Paris Saint-Germain. But the year-old player said "My family and I are incredibly happy and settled in America and we look forward to spending many more years here I am still passionate about playing in America and winning trophies with the Galaxy" he stated after signing another two-year contract with the Los Angeles club.

His last appearance for Los Angeles was on December 2, Darren Flood, who was married to Victoria Beckham's sister Louise Adams, is accused of tricking victims into making "worthless" investments.

The year-old was allegedly part of a "boiler room" fraud which targeted wealthy clients, with former Chelsea footballer Joe Cole's father among potential victims discussed. A jury at Kingston Crown Court was told staff "made great play on Darren Flood being David Beckham's brother-in-law" to win the trust of investors. But Flood was accused by colleagues at the company, The Commodities Link, of not performing on "any level" other than to "extract expenses", the court heard.

Victims were allegedly encouraged to buy "rare earth" substances, which are mainly used to make tech products, with the promise of big profits. Flood was tasked with targeting potential "high net worth" investors, who paid up to times over the odds for "baskets" of materials, the jury heard. Mr Shay said one company salesman, Paul Muldoon, used the false name Paul Roberts to con thousands of pounds from victims.

Referring to the bogus investments, Mr Shay added: They would never seek to purchase a few kilograms from a private individual. The jury was told rare earth materials gained publicity in , two years before the alleged fraud, because the main supplier, China, "restricted global exports, causing a spike in the price. But when The Commodities Link began trading in , prices were falling as buyers searched for cheaper alternatives. Flood was a director of the company between June and April - but documents uncovered by detectives revealed "tensions" with colleagues, Mr Shay said.

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