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Oct 19,  · The suit jacket is generally a lot longer than sports jacket/blazer. One lapel overlaps the other on a suit jacket slightly; on a sj/blazer, they are exactly centered to each other. A suit jacket is cut to a straight body side profile, whereas a sj/blazer may have a slight indent at the lower stomach/waist.

A clothing snob may very well have a better sense of style than the majority of people. This is the quintessential older, out-of-touch-guy-who-wants-to-dress-up uniform. December 31, at 9: By blazer jacket I mean the classic single-breasted navy wool coat with brass, horn, or plastic buttons. November 22, at 8:

Confused about the difference between a blazer vs. a suit jacket? How about a sport coat vs. blazer? Learn the Difference Between a Blazer and a Sport/Suit Jacket. Published on April 29, doubling that solid navy suit jacket as a navy blazer is absolutely okay! Reply. Jovan says: April 29, .
A blazer isn’t all that far off from being a navy suit jacket, which is what allows it to be worn in dressier settings. Like a navy suit, the navy blazer is great both during the day and in the evening.
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The navy blue blazer is often mistaken by men as a suit jacket and at first glance you can’t blame them. Both jackets come in 2, 3 and 6 button varieties and share many of the same characteristics. So what sets the navy blue blazer apart from the suit jacket?
The beauty of the navy blue blazer jacket is that it goes with almost anything. By blazer jacket I mean the classic single-breasted navy wool coat with brass, horn, or plastic buttons. Over gray flannel slacks, a white button-down oxford shirt and a striped tie, a blazer makes a classic outfit that.
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The Navy Blazer or Sport Coat or Sports Jacket, whatever you want to call it (we’ll go with Blazer from here on out), is an essential because it’s the very definition of business or dressy casual. It pairs incredibly well with dark wash jeans, oxford or semi-spread collar dress shirts, Oxford.

On the weekend, the same blazer over chinos and a polo shirt makes a very smart casual outfit. It would be impossible to list all of the handsome outfits a man can build around his navy blue blazer, but I will discuss some basic means of wearing it for work and leisure.

What a Man wears with a Navy Blazer If you work in a business casual office, or not in any office at all, the navy blue blazer gives you a simple solution to the tricky problem of dressing respectably without appearing aloof. In a workplace dominated by polo shirts and khakis, the man who has the class to throw a blazer on over the ensemble looks distinctive without standing out.

A point collar shirt formalizes the ensemble a tad more, and here one should stop. Contrast collars really belong under a suit, and even if the formality of French cuffs were not an issue, having cuff-links next to brass sleeve buttons creates a discordant clash of shininess. For footwear, bluchers, loafers, and monkstraps are all good options. The blazer outfits described above are also smart choices for dinner in a nice restaurant or a morning religious service.

While it is perfectly acceptable to wear a navy blue blazer with jeans, and indeed the combination can look very stylish, one must take care that pants and coat are not too close in color. This goes for any jacket and pants combination: Matching Shoes with a Navy Blazer Brown suede dress shoes match the navy blue blazer in versatility, and anything that looks good with the latter will too with the former although neither are typically worn by the English.

A blazer can be a bit bigger so that you can fit a sweater or whatever underneath, while the sleeves can be a bit longer if desired because you may wear it as a jacket and never pair it with a shirt and tie. The type of wool, and the type of patterns, vary considerably from the type used for suits. Suit colours are quite basic, even if the patterns vary slightly. Mind you, in recent years, slightly shorter suit jackets have been in fashion, but that may look silly in 5 years, and make you look out of place at work.

It depends on how trendy you want to be. To me, it looks better in a work environment. You make a strong, and quite thorough, case for the difference. If I have to dress up for the office in winters, and I go for a dress pant black, blue, charcoal, khakis with a dress shirt plain, striped , sometimes with or without a tie.

Now to put on a layer above, what would be the best option? The decision you have to make, Liden, is more about office appropriateness than style. You can always wear the blazer separately. And now, with the introduction of unsuits to the Black Lapel line, you can get a jacket with a non-matching pair of pants. The choice is yours. This is very informative since i came from a country that doesnt usually wear suits and blazers. Im pretty much naive on the difference so I made my research. I am about to buy a suit for the purpose of attending a debut and wedding of my nephew this coming october.

Which color do you recommend on buying for this occassion? Still, one go-to color for these types of occasions is Royal Blue.

Not to mention it looks pretty fly! We love this color so much we gave it a whole feature on The Compass here. So… As far as where the jacket comes together — it seems that blazers tend to go a tad lower….

The navel principle applies to blazers just like suit jackets. You are a bit more likely to spot a one-button blazer than you are to see a one-button suit. The one-button will have a deeper V shape, so those do come together lower. A word of caution, though, John. Proportion is dependent on your body type. A guy with a short torso and long legs will have a higher navel than a longer torso guy. So take the rule of thumb with a grain of salt. Wow this is great info..

Im a young man wearing urban Clothes like jordans, skinny jeans, fitted t-shirts, nd hats. But im kind of digging This style wit the jacket casual pants and the nice long sleeves shirts. My wife loves To see me when i dress casual like in the picture above and i really like it too. So Im looking forward to dress like this very soon… any Nice store suggestion where i can go nd Buy this type of style clothes??

Yes, Jordan, you most certainly can wear a suit jacket as a blazer. Every man ought to know how to Rock a Blazer Like a Pro. Anyways, thanx for the info. True, Shafkat, some blazers do have more casual detailing. It varies from one designer to another. The British very often pair pinstripe, and heavier chalkstripe, jackets with jeans and casual trousers, as well as bold windowpane tweeds.

Hear that Daniel Craig? That said, we will staunchly defend your right to wear what you like, Michael. But I find a solid colored worsted wool suit jacket looks out of place when used as a blazer the same with some patterns such as pinstripes. It looks like the wearer has his suit pants at the drycleaners. You do see blazers with peak lapels but since blazers are a bit more casual peak lapels are not as common. Still, some of us rock peak lapel blazers at Black Lapel just because we like them.

Whoa, thnx for clearing a big confusion… I recently bought a suit, was not sure if I can use it as a blazer.! Glad we could help, Vish. Also, check out the recent piece on the All-American Blazer for more ideas. A more traditional formal tuxedo will generally have jacket with a peak lapel. While, traditionally tuxedos are black, the world of tuxedos is opening up to blues like this one from Black Lapel which, by the way, has a shawl lapel.

The dinner jacket can also be white for daytime affairs, while the pants remain black. Stay on the lookout for that story coming soon. Oscar, the type of pattern and fabric can definitely be a telling sign of a suit jacket vs. Certain tweeds, for example, will often be more characteristic of a blazer, while worsted wools are typically used in suiting.

As for patterns, pinstripes should always belong with a suit. That said, nothing is always that cut-and-dry! In practice, doubling that solid navy suit jacket as a navy blazer is absolutely okay! Just my personal preference. Its good to have a unique set of preferences Jovan!

Jared, our custom navy blazers are easily comparable in terms of quality and craftsmanship, and far superior in terms of fit. If you want a clearer picture, check out our Black Lapel Custom Suits vs. A lot of companies these days use the term sport coat and blazer interchangeably, causing a lot of the confusion between the two terms. However, traditionally, the the blazer and the sport coat had very distinct origins and characteristics. While blazers were defined by its preppier, nautical roots, the sport coat was a more rustic, hunting jacket.

True to its outdoor functions the traditional sport coat was made of heavier fabrics such as tweed, had pockets with flaps, sometimes an upper ticket pocket and a generally softer shape than a suit jacket. Hope that clears things up a bit! I was literally on my way out of the house to shop for a blazer when I saw this. You guys are amazing, and so helpful. I had no idea what I was doing. Please keep up the great work!

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The navy Brooks Brothers blazer is only offered with gold buttons online, but they do have non-gold button options available in their stores.

Stick with their Milano or Fitzgerald lines as they offer the most tailored fits. Zegna Gray Cashmere Blazer. These are my go-to for blazers that look great, sport all the features I want to see on a blazer, and hit a more affordable price poin. Crew offers wool blazers for an extremely affordable price and their Ludlow line has a tailored fit that is fantastic and offered in a range of sizes, from Short to Regular to Tall.

Crew Navy Ludlow Legacy Blazer. Zara Navy Basic Blazer.

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How to wear a navy suit jacket as a blazer. Versatility is king when it comes to the essentials in your wardrobe, and the classic navy suit is one of the most versatile pieces you can own.. But one of the best things about a great navy suit is that you aren’t restricted to wearing it just as a suit. Shop eBay for great deals on Suit Jackets/Blazer NAVY Petites Suits & Suit Separates for Women. You'll find new or used products in Suit Jackets/Blazer NAVY Petites Suits & Suit Separates for Women on eBay. Free shipping on selected items. The navy blue blazer is often mistaken by men as a suit jacket and at first glance you can’t blame them. Both jackets come in 2, 3 and 6 button varieties and share many of the same characteristics. So what sets the navy blue blazer apart from the suit jacket?