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Old Williamsburg became an island of older homes and shops in the heart of the neighborhood. The city developed the property for a shipping port as part of an inner harbor design. Say it ain't so A view of Milwaukee's South Side Skyline is replete with the steeples of the many churches these immigrants built, churches that are still vital centers of the community.

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North Hills Mall jobs available on Apply to Front Desk Agent, Stocker, Floor Leader - Mall At Green Hills and more! Skip to Job Postings, Cherry Hill Programs. North Navarro Street Victoria, TX - Cherry Hill Programs trains each team member and is .
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A fictionalized account of the first major successful sexual harassment case in the United States, Jenson vs. Eveleth Mines, where a woman who endured a range of abuse while working as a miner filed and won the landmark lawsuit.
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A fictionalized account of the first major successful sexual harassment case in the United States, Jenson vs. Eveleth Mines, where a woman who endured a range of abuse while working as a miner filed and won the landmark lawsuit.

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Tony Burnett March 20th, at I used to work security for North Hills Mall. I only worked there a short time from June of until May of At that time Foleys was in the mall and I remember a waiting list for stores to get in. We had Lubys and that awesome food court mentioned above with the multi levels.

There was a record store by the food court and one by Foleys. A theater was in the mall, an arcade across from it and a cookie store around the corner. I remember at Christmas of the parking lots were at capacity so people started parking in the grass around the mall and damaging the water sprinkler system.

My best memories are those people who worked in the office and security as well as those in the stores. Mike Musgrove March 25th, at 2: From to , Cowtown Vettes a local Corvette club would put on a car show with around 30 Corvettes inside the mall. We would rope them off. We brought them in Thursday night after closing and would not drive them out until Sunday night. These were great fun. Many great memories of that mall. I even remember before the mall there was a golf course with a huge pond and a big day care center where the mall was built.

Wasnt it kind of dark and fancy inside? Musgrove March 25th, at In the year in their car show, I won the Best of Show award; a large Trophy which I still have, by entering my T-Roadster car. Great memories from the North Hills Mall. Tony Burnett March 31st, at I forgot to mention this is where I got engaged to my wife and met a girl I introduced to my brother..

Paul Cain April 10th, at 4: One thing that might also have worked against North Hills was duplicity in stores, both within as well as with North East.

Two book stores B. Challenges, the arcade, was cool, but the guy who owned it also owned an all-you-can-play arcade in Keller, about 15 miles away. Gap was here to before jumping ship to North East. Fields Cookies, ahh yes. This mall deserved, and should have done, better. Those were the days…. Oh, wow… I remember my mom taking me here when I was a little girl. We only went a handfull of times, though, because, to be blunt, it was pretty crappy in its later years. Erick Esparza May 19th, at 2: Did North Hills mall have a foot locker?

And someone said the food court was like a double decker. How did that work? I only remember it being one level. Six flags mall is still alive and they only have one ancor store which is dillards.

But the mervyns also closed near hulen mall, ridgmar mall, the parks and irving mall. J Bell May 26th, at 3: I grew up going to this mall, as well as NE. My job was to make the popcorn. It was surprisingly a pretty good job at the time. I got to crank the music, zone out, and see free movies. Ryan Retcofsky June 5th, at 1: The last time I was there was August of and the place was miserable!

We walked the entire mall and I was shocked at how the whole place was basically shut down. Oh well, things change. Paul Cain July 24th, at 2: Unfortunately the mall dropped like a rock, due to a Wal-Mart right behind it expanding into a Supercenter.

Eventually it was leased as a call center, with Cato being the lone retailer in the building. I think that is still open as of now. January 10th, at 9: Paul Cain, When we moved to Watauga in , I think they either were still building the Outlet Mall or just opened it. I loved tht place! When I moved out of Texas in , it was still there.

The smaller Walmart was still on the other side of Rufe Snow by the Minyards. I think that was on an outlot of the outlet mall. So modern at the time,yet so short lived. Kev August 12th, at 2: Re the abandoned outlet mall in Allen mentioned way upthread: Meanwhile, just a few exits down Central Expressway, Allen Premium Outlets is doing well, and new mixed-use developments are going in across the freeway.

And re Burlington Coat Factory going into a mall: Jonah Norason August 21st, at 3: Jonah Norason Pseudo3D Reply: September 6th, at 2: David October 16th, at 8: Something very interesting about this mall was the mosaic tiles on the Foleys. If you look closely, you will see the designs of the multicolored tiles. They were really quite beautiful. They are probably in a landfill somewhere. I was at the mall in and, in the middle of the day, I was one of maybe 5 people in the whole mall.

Reminded me of Dawn of the dead. Landon Freeman January 20th, at I just realized this evening that the NH Mall was demolished. I got my food and then turned around my car in the parking lot so I was facing what used to be the mall. I then turned on my brights and became completely astonished. I had no clue it had been torn down 2 years ago. Shows how much I pay attention. I moved into NRH in I was 4 at the time.

By the time I was 12, malls were among my favorite places to go. Warm in the winter, cool in the hot summer. I frequented the NH mall often. The General Cinema shut down when I was in 7th grade. That was right around 96 or My first job was also inside the NH mall.

When I was 15 I began working inside the Chic-fil-A. The mall at this time was doing okay, but was not thriving. The NE mall was almost done with all its remodeling and renovations.

The pet store was always a place I had to stop in. When I was 10 or 11, baseball card collecting became a big hobby of mine. I remember a card store being just down the hall from the movie theater. Anytime I would go to the mall with my mom and I knew I was going to be there awhile I would head over to the card shop. I rarely got anything because I never had much money, but I remember always spending a lot of time in there because there was so much sports memorablia.

It would always keep me entertained for a good 30 minutes. Another fond memory was the Gadzooks. Granted, I do have a lot more memories at the NE mall that go just as far back, but it still hurts to see a structure that helped mold so many memories be torn down. Thanks to the guy who put up all the pics. It was very nostalgic. Also, thanks for all the history and inside info explaining what all went down. I appreciate all the research you did. Sherry February 23rd, at 3: The abandoned Allen mall was in fact called Belz Outlet Mall.

It closed down I would say around It was only opened for a very short time. I have 2 uncles who worked there, one of which was Burlington Coat Factory, I cannot recall the other ones.

The building itself has structural and foundation problems for sitting for almost nearly 2 decades. I wonder if they will end up building something there or just leave it be. GGJ March 3rd, at You really did your research on this. I am very envious that you got to see NHM in its final days.

JHB April 4th, at 6: Wow this is a sad ride down memory lane. In my wild years this mall was central. I worked in the food court. Scored LSD there for the first time. Stumbled out of Natural Born Killers trippin balls. Went on my first date with a woman to whom I was later engaged. Got hassled endlessly by the rent-a-cops. Spent all day going in and out of free movies when the air conditioner broke at my first crappy apartment.

Ate bags of cookies from Mrs. Fileds — actually sold bags of meth out of that cookie stand off and on for a summer! Diana Cryer June 16th, at 2: My first job was at N. My daughters did not get to experience N. Don C February 2nd, at 1: I started working at Sanger Harris store 12 as mentioned above in It was a fantastic time for me.

The mall had just been renovated and enlarged. It was doing quite well back then. The SH store got a new manager transferred in from New Mexico and within months, sales at store 12 were either tops or second in the chain. He soon moved up to a VP and was gone within a year if I remember correctly.

I would take the then love of my life Julie there many times. What a lot of great times I had. February 22nd, at My mother and I went to the Belz mall once. Amanda July 7th, at Last time I visited was in , when the fountains still flowed and all those planters were filled to the brim with blooming and green lush plants. It was my favorite of the 2 malls. I hated that North East got the renovation and killed North Hills — and yet NE still manages to feel sterile and unwelcoming to this day.

Emma July 9th, at I went to school at St. I used to love going to the mall after school and wandering around. In 8th grade I always imagined skipping class and running down the soccer field and staying at the mall all day, spending my lunch money on movies and at the arcade.

Never did it, but always wanted to. I remember buying a dress at Gadzooks for a school dance. And summer movies at the General Cinema…oh man, great memories.

ERIC August 28th, at 9: October 17th, at 5: Was my first job sorry to that is gone. Meagan October 23rd, at I have so many fond memories of this mall, i was very sad to see it gone. One of my favorite stores there was the Gadzooks and claires. I can remember the pet store and buying food for my iguana. This mall before NE got remodeled was the safe mall to got to at the time because NE mall was kind of a sketchy place before the remodel.

I fondly remember shopping for school clothes. After NE mall was remodeled sadly we stopped going to north hills. Around my sister and I decided to go back to north hills and was surprised to see the state of the mall, there was a whole empty section of the mall and a few stores were still open.

The food court only had an orange julius that was still in business. Ryan November 9th, at Dave M April 12th, at 6: Was the mall really built in ? High school teens hung out here like crazy. Cool to see the dying mall pics.

Tyler April 26th, at 7: Wow, thanks for this. Brings back a lot of fond memories. I spent a lot of my childhood at North Hills Mall. Stores were few and far between, the food court was virtually non-existent, and there was basically a full wing that was vacated for the most part.

Popular Soccer Teams June 23rd, at 2: I feel so bad for the people having to deal with the flood. My heart goes out to everyone there. Jimmy August 5th, at 6: Double-D February 15th, at I miss this mall some days. Really sad when it was time to say goodbye, I guess I never really did. It was more than a job at the time at least seemed like more. I thought I was invincible, sure was wrong. I still have dreams about this place and they match the pictures exactly.

VoodooSan April 17th, at 5: I used to work security here. It was a fun job and I really miss the mall. It was nice, clean, small so you got to know every one.

Made some life long friendships there. But the management was so poor with the exception of my boss who constantly battled mall management on issues.

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Posted on Aug 30, in Jobs Seasonal Support Staff Temporary Position from October 28, to December 24, Responsibilities include retail sales and customer service, filling in accurate work orders, receiving stock and general housekeeping. Posted on Aug 30, in Jobs Part time Stylist Looking for an energetic part time stylist to join our team. Must be comfortable working in a high energy environment, with a love of fashion. North Hills Mall jobs available on Apply to Front Desk Agent, Stocker, Floor Leader - Mall At Green Hills and more! Skip to Job Postings, Cherry Hill Programs. North Navarro Street Victoria, TX - Cherry Hill Programs trains each team member and is .