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This page was last edited on 13 October , at I also agree with Maggie up there on the cost issue. I found this one that is similar. Thanks all for the tips about places to find cheap sheets and cheap fabric!

The duvet cover set includes two matching shams with the queen or king size, one matching sham with the twin duvet cover. All are made of percent combed cotton with a thread count.
Shop our extensive collection of Queen & Full Duvet Covers products. From unique shower curtains and bath mats to custom twin, queen and king duvet covers.
Duvet Covers Your cozy little corner of the world just got even better with our wide range of duvet covers at Urban Outfitters. Make your bed the center of attention with a boho statement pattern or keep it chill with our super soft solid jersey duvets.
Duvet Covers Your cozy little corner of the world just got even better with our wide range of duvet covers at Urban Outfitters. Make your bed the center of attention with a boho statement pattern or keep it chill with our super soft solid jersey duvets.

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Simply pair them up, and straight-line sew the tops and sides together. Martha Stewart Living, June Whether a duvet is filled with down, feathers, or an alternative to the two, it should be lightweight, warm, and all-engulfing—the perfect environment for a deep, restorative sleep.

Good duvets are expensive; they need to be protected. It's surprisingly easy—and cost-effective—to make a customized summer-weight comforter cover from two new or old flat sheets. Just partner up different shades, or a plain linen with a patterned one, and straight-line sew the tops and sides together. For extra ease, forgo the usual button closures at the bottom and add grosgrain-ribbon ties.

Narrow results by Price. Narrow results by - Color. Narrow results by - Size. Christian Siriano Garden Bloom 3-pc. Tommy Bahama Raw Coast 3-pc.

Madison Park Bayside 6-pc. Harbor House Boxton 5-pc. Harbor House Cannon Beach 3-pc. Harbor House Burke 5-pc. Harbor House Freida 5-pc. Harbor House Ocean Reef 5-pc. Harbor House Anslee 3-pc. Your simple directions made a significant impact for me! Thanks so very much!! What am I doing wrong? Any help would be great. Although I used to sew everything I wore and all of my home soft furnishings, I quit sewing over a decade ago.

I promised friends 2 duvet covers for their daughters. The hard part of this project is measuring and cutting a large amount of fabric.

I was so grateful for the detailed instructions for a perfectly finished duvet. It is so nice to have a wide hem for buttonholes and also for allowing the opening to lay flat. Thank you very much for taking the time to take pictures for great visuals to go along with your directions.

I found both necessary and helpful in order to complete the duvets. And all the comments are super helpful too. From what other commenters wrote looks like this is a better tutorial on making a duvet cover from sheets than others online, so thank you! Thanks all for the tips about places to find cheap sheets and cheap fabric! Before you go to all the trouble to make a duvet cover, put the duvet on the bed with two layers of the fabric you intend to use.

The lighter the fabric the better. Heavier fabrics render the properties of the duvet useless and make the sleeper more uncomfortable because of the weight on their feet and legs. I made a beautiful one with decorator fabrics. I have had so much trouble finding twin xl bedding for my dorm room that I like. I think that I will just make my own perfect bedding!!

Then, stick one end of the tie t through the loops and tie securely. Just wanted to leave a note to thank you for this awesome tutorial. I did the french seams and it came out beautifully! The down comforter stays securely inside! This was a great tutorial! Or leave the top center panel whole and cut the others into even widths? That seems like a ton of work…and cutting!!! Any ideas or sugfeations would be greatly appreciated! Trying to make it the right size has been a daunting issue…so I just keep putting it off!

So originally I only bought two panels thinking I could use a colored sheet for the bottom…but even to do that I think I will need an additional panel to make it even! I will probably use a flat sheet, as suggested. I want to give him a sturdy side and myself a soft comfortable side. Do these measurements take into account the thickness of the comforter? I am tempted to add another inches onto these measurements to make sure my comforter is not too constricted and therefore not free and fluffy still.

Exactly the same or larger or smaller and by how much? Morgan, you would want to make the duvet a little. What a great tutorial! Thinking of adding bottom corner ruffles to spruce up a plain white cover. Thanks again for your time…This was very helpful for me. I bought my first duvet cover at Ikea about 2 years ago then started to make my own. Have made 6 so far.

I used the first cover as a template for the rest since the duvet itself came from Ikea. Hi, I probably am just not comprehending this.. What would you recommend if you only want the middle part to be open, so the base of the left and right panels will be closed?

Would you recommend hemming and then sewing together? Doing the french seam and hemming the rest? My new duvet cover looks and feels great! I absolutely loved the the french seam, it was my first time using it but it looks very professional! Just wanted to say that I used to purchase all my fabrics to make baby crib sheets from Joann Fabrics. And besides that…having made at least a dozen of these sheets this past year…they all shrink up.

I usually purchase 2 yards to make the sheets. We need to be careful when we purchase fabric to make these duvet covers. I agree that sheets are probably the very best option…and wash up well. I love this tutorial: Always wash and iron your fabric if you think this will be a problem. In fact, I think that easy the second step in the directions.

I have searched on a tutorial on how to do a button flap on a queen size duvet cover without success. Thank you for clear and easy instructions on making a duvet! Love the French seam idea and using it for my project: This is to Sherri J. Many are 42 inches. You should always wash cotton fabric before using it. Yes, it will shrink! Always buy more length than you think you will need. Paola, you should really measure the comforter…. To secure a duvet to the cover is easy, simply cut 4 pieces of velcro, sew them diagonally across the back corners of the duvet and the inside of the cover, I normally sew these velcro strips onto the rear of the cover before joining it to the front.

Never moves until you want to remove it to wash. Works well on polar fleece too, doesnt get full of lint when washing, if it does, sticky tape removes any lint. Thank you so very much for an awesome tutorial. The idea of French seams is great. I am so thrilled with your notes and pics as I am coming to the step of putting the duver cover together. I did heirloom machine embroidery designs on the top cover and a plain white piece for the bottom.

Thank you soo much for your generous tips. Quick question, you said I would need about 10 yards of fabric, but later on you mentioned something about doubling.

Do I need 5 yards for the front and 5 yards for the back? I stumbled across it only to realize that I have a feather duvet of my grandmothers that is in rough shape. Now that I have your tut, I can make a cover and actually use it this winter. Thanks so much for the great tut. And simplifying the French seam. Thanks a million for the photos and clear, clear directions! Once I sew one side closed with a french seam, i can no longer finish the other side, because it is not possible to open it so that the right sides are together, for the second portion of makign the french seam.

My problem is a little different. I need to make a tailored duvet cover. I am reluctant to try this and am open to any alternative solutions. I only found two places online that sell these. One sells only to hotels. I am making a Duvet cover for a friend, so found your question. This is my first experience with this, but I have done many quilts. I would suggest that, yes, you should get a duvet the size you like and stitch along the corner you wish to cut out. Cut the corner out, and bind the edge with bias tape to secure it further.

I made my quilt cover using this tutorial and it turned out fabulously. Thank you for a very easy to follow tutorial. You have done a great job with this tutorial. I will be recommending this tutorial to all my sewing friends. Thank you once again. Thanks, I always thought I could make it too after seeing them in the stores…you did a great job with the instructions, I will make one as soon as possible…thanks again.

I did this by sewing 2 king sized flat sheets together and it turned out great. I used button closures at the bottom. Obviously, it matched my bedding exactly! Thank you so much for these instructions. I am not much of a sewer, but I am going to give this a try.

So, you do this AFTER you have sewn up the sides and top so that you are folding, pressing and sewing a big circle of fabric? Is it possible to hem the bottom of each side separately and then sew the front and back together, or do you get a better result doing it the other way? Kaille, I thought the same thing at first. Perhaps the instructions about the bottom hem are referring to the top and bottom of the duvet cover — separately — BEFORE they are sewn together.

Design Sponge, these are exactly the type of instructions I was looking for. Will do very small practice one perhaps, and then begin. Ive never used a sewing machine. Anyways, making a small one for practice is a really good idea!! Ill add to your great idea of making a smaller one..

Thank you so much for the great instructions. Doing French seams made a huge difference in the appearance of the finished duvet. It was a lot of work but well worth it. I used velcro for the bottom closure. Can I used a jersey sheet for the bottom, or will it cause problems to have two such different fabrics? If I wanted to add ties into the inside corners to hold the duvet in place, as often found in many store-bought duvet covers at what point in the French seam process would I do that?

You would insert the corner ties in the first step of the seam process. Then, when I flip the fabric to finish the seam, they continue to stay out of the way. Thank you so much for posting this!! Our duvet is an odd-sized king, and I could not find a cover that would fit it correctly. I sewed together some pieces of leftover fabric I had lying around and used your instructions to make a correctly sized cover for it.

The result was far beyond my expectations! I rarely sew, but I was able to follow your instructions easily with a beautiful result! I finished it inside a day. It looks more expensive than any duvet cover I have ever bought and fits perfectly! An alternate closure method: I ended up using small pieces about the size of a button of sticky velcro to close it. I sewed them in place by hand with a couple small stitches in the very center of each piece. I have to cut the sheet to fit it in.

I want to make the bottom sheet top fit over the top of the front. It looks very nice.

What can I do?

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