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It was in your warehouse on delivery day 2 states away. Learn more about ConsumerAffairs for Brands. Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls. Their retail location is one of the largest electronics superstores in New York. I said no, we finally agreed on store credit.

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Find great prices, brands & services at H-E-B. Try curbside grocery pickup, explore store products, view recipes, find a store, create shopping lists & more.
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Along with free next day FedEx shipping. I am completely satisfied with the service I received and will definitely order from them again. Extremely poor customer service and will drag out the phone conversation out knowing they will not help you.

I will never buy from them again. Clearly they will pass you from one place to another. These days shipping and returns and with what Amazon and Walmart and other companies offer, they should try and keep up. Unfortunately that's not the case. It was a nightmare trying to return something. It's all nice and dandy when you've no returns. But once you get there, they will try and ignore you and give all sorts of excuse. To begin with they sold a crappy product and we were so annoyed esp, because we were on vacation in NY and decided to visit the store and purchase the product.

The product wasn't working properly after few weeks. We tried to call them for return, and they refused to accept a damaged product just because we were missing the original box!!! Either you're going to throw it away or send it back to the manufacturer and they surely don't care about the box. They had literally no concern at all. When I got here on ConsumerAffairs to review, I saw many had the same issues.

They still haven't caught up with the online shopping style of Amazon, Walmart and many others. Such disrespect and don't care attitude. We can find everything somewhere else these days with excellent return policies. They should seriously change their return policies and how they treat customers or soon encounter slow online death of their business! As many other reviewers have noticed in an age where customer service should be a given, think Amazon, Walmart, etc.

It's been a week so far and I have made no progress getting this returned. They say I will eventually get a FedEx return tag but no details as to when but the also say that I have to close my PayPal complaint before they will consider processing a refund. There is no reason to shop here, their customer service department is just a scam.

Today started out as such a happy and exciting day. My laptop that I ordered with overnight shipping was to arrive - hurray! As soon as I got it, I excitedly opened the package, only to discover that the 13" is way too small for my needs.

I immediately contacted customer service to process my exchange for the exact same laptop, just the 15" version which is more expensive. I literally did not even open the laptop or turn it on. I simply wanted to exchange a brand new item for an upgraded version. After escalating to another manager and eventually supposedly a PR executive, I was harassed and talked down to.

It turns out, this company has a history of racism and discrimination against Hispanics and women. I just happen to be both. I am appalled that a business thinks it's ok to treat customers the way I was treated today. I think I'm better off turning to Craigslist. All in all, this is by far the worst experience I've had shopping online in my life. The discounts are not worth the hassle. I promise you're better off buying from literally anywhere else.

Here is the problem, I usually purchase through Amazon for all my business needs. Free 2 day prime shipping, expanded customer service hours and most of the time the deal is right. First of all, it ships from New York so straight out of the gate I am already looking at best it taking twice as long to get to me than Prime. In fact it was his day off and he was waiting around for my package.

This is on Friday. I got it home, opened the box, popped open the case and I discovered that the expensive item I purchased was broken clean in half!! Now I understand things happen.

They close at 2PM! I sent them emails, wrote them on social media, made a couple un-boxing failure videos that I tagged them and Came-TV in. I have done everything a consumer can do because all I want is a resolution.

I cannot get this resolved because they are open when they dang well feel like being open. I manage other companies' Social Media pages. I know that I am personally held accountable to respond to customers within a certain frame. Actually, the company I work for gets slapped with huge fines from corporate if we do not respond in a certain amount of time.

So not only did I receive an inferior product that arrived broken, I also have no way of getting this resolved until they feel like opening again. I could have gotten an apology, returned the product and have a replacement shipped by now from Amazon. They do not have the customer support to compete with Amazon. I buy all my Apple products here. Same price and free shipping as ordering direct from Apple, but without sales tax.

One word of caution when buying any expensive products online — Be certain you order exactly what you want. Replacing damaged products is usually no problem, but if you order the wrong item by mistake, someone has to pay for that. They have a very liberal return policy. You can even return items directly to Apple Stores as long as you purchased them directly from Apple. Two times I've ordered a lens from them with their free expedited shipping option with a 3 business day guarantee and both times they were shipped FedEx Ground from New York to Los Angeles and received it in 5 business days.

I purchased an unlocked cell phone; when I received it, it was locked. I said, "But there is something you can do about it," since I would not be in this situation if they had not sent the wrong locked phone in the first place. You can stand up to your reputation and fix it instead of trying to make me spend more money or find another phone. In the VERY rare instance of a product or service issue resolution is fast and courteous.

My experiences with them dating back to the '80's has been superb. I've made several calls 1 per day for four days to only be told that my package will ship later on that day. The only thing left is to cancel the order and take my business elsewhere.

Huge letters on website - next day delivery on Wednesday. Great - going on vacation Thursday so I ordered it. At 6am it said out for delivery. When delivered in the afternoon cord only - no printer no paper. Looked at tracking - now shows delivery on Thursday and the printer was in NJ at 7: It was in your warehouse on delivery day 2 states away.

Rep says, "We are sorry. Deceptive shipping dates, customer service that can easily lie to you. This used to be a good company but right now it sucks. Read the other complaints - they are all very similar. I am always trying to use small businesses but losers like this make me want to go back to Amazon. Items arrived on scheduled. Quick refund for return item.

So, when I decided to by Nikon D I went there. Well, I had to wait 2 months to get the item. Meanwhile, friends of mine who ordered from Amazon or Adorama got it in couple of weeks. Anyway, I was loyal customer and waited. Finally, after 2 months of waiting I got the package. However, when I open it I got surprise. I called customer support and they said "Sorry, for mistake. However, Nikon D not in stock anymore. Recently purchased some accessories for a camera that is on backorder.

Had the accessories shipped to my home and realized I had received 3 memory cards instead of the 1 that I had ordered. I also explained that legally I did not have to return the extra items that were sent to my home. I was being honest and was trying to do the right thing. The customer service rep emailed me a packing slip for FedEx and told me to drop the return package off at any FedEx location.

I refused because I did not make the mistake and I wasn't about to go out of my way for them. I requested that they send out a package for me to put the items in and I could place in my mailbox to be shipped through the USPS. I was told that was not possible. I was then asked by the rep if I could maybe flag a FedEx driver down in front of my house someday and give them the package.

Yes, he seriously asked me this. I refused to agree to do such a thing. We ended the conversation by the rep telling me to send the package back whenever I get a chance So I hung up the phone and called back to speak with another customer service rep. He asked to place my call on hold. He came back and told me that I would have to make arrangements with FedEx to come pick up the package at my home.

I was not happy with the way the customer service reps handled this situation. I did not mind placing the box into my mailbox to return their items but I refused to put out any effort to correct their mistake for them with FedEx. That's their job not mine. The rep even told me they would never have known I had received the items. They were not listed on my order form. Instead I had to drive 8 miles to the local FedEx drop off to send their package back to them.

I've spent many thousands and still have a camera on backorder worth a few more I used to be very satisfied with them, but things have gone downhill. I ordered a lens, paid for two day shipping and received it on time. However the lens was soft, so I returned it and the filter I had ordered for it. The order was received last Friday at So far my account does not show it was even received 4 business days later. I contacted them via live chat yesterday and was told they would look into it.

I checked back later and was told and I have the chat transcript that we had "spoken" earlier and that checking every few hours was not going to speed things up"! I had additional questions I was going to ask, but after that I simply told him there was no need to be snarky and ended the chat. In order to qualify, you must be an educator or student enrolled in an accredited photography, film, video, animation, graphic design, audio or new media program.

Take advantage of your Active Military Personnel status: Active military personnel are eligible for exclusive discounts as well as free or discounted shipping. Import, or gray market, items are simply international models of the same item sold in the United States. Physically and functionally, they are identical to their US counterparts. The primary disadvantage of purchasing imported models is that the item can only be serviced for warranty from the country it originated from.

That means that import models usually do not include a US warranty. The item can be anything from a brand new laptop to popular camera lenses to even quadcopters. These deals only last one day and are usually swapped out at 12 midnight EST. Dell Outlet Fall Hour Sale:

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